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The Shaman’s Code of Ethics

You have the right:

*To know about my background and training.

*To end a session at any time, for any reason.

*To be treated with courtesy, compassion, and respect.

*To know the information I receive about the work I am doing for you.

*To ask and receive answers to any questions about shamanic methods.

*To know that Shamanic services can be a valuable part of a comprehensive    

  healing process but do not work in the same way as medical or    

  psychological treatment.

 *To know that, your well being is my highest concern and that I can co-

  partner with you and other providers to assist in the best possible outcome 

  for you. 


I Will Not

*Divulge information information about you, without permission.

*Hurry the process, and will work with you at the best possible speed.

*Attempt to retrieve any information that will cause harm to anyone.

*Perform any type of service without your express, prior permission.

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